What to toss to de-clutter your home in 2021

Happy New Year! As we look around our homes after the holiday rush combined with spending so much more time at home due to the pandemic, you might find yourself saying: "How did it get this out of control?!" Just as my blood pressure started to rise and I felt like the producers of hoarders would soon be calling, The Today show put together a list of 100 things to toss from your home in the new year! I must admit that many of their suggestions are on point. I mean, who doesn't have expired food in their pantry or freezer and why did I keep a coffee mug that is chipped when I have 20 more? However, with the current situation with the pandemic and worries that there could be another shutdown, you will have to pry my travel-size toiletries and extra home improvement supplies out of my hands!

I will say when you get past Kitchen and Bathroom, I followed almost every suggestion. Many I hadn't even realized I was holding on to. I personally printed out the list and am planning on taking one room per weekend until I get it done. I would also encourage that if your items are still in somewhat good condition like clothes and shoes that don't fit, costume jewelry you don't wear, kids toys, etc. find a donation center near you and give them away. Let's remember also that during these odd times there are many who have lost so much and might greatly appreciate your "junk"

Happy Cleaning!

For Example:


  • Expired food and condiments in the fridge
  • Frozen food so old you don’t even remember what it is
  • Expired spices
  • Leftover seasonal or themed party plates or napkins you’ll never use again
  • Plastic containers with missing lids
  • Chipped coffee cups
  • Rusted or broken tools or appliances
  • Cookbooks you never open
  • Extra water bottles
  • Ratty dish towels
  • Extra flower delivery vases


  • Expired makeup
  • Expired sunscreen
  • Stretched-out rubber bands
  • Old toothbrushes
  • Ratty washcloths
  • Extra towels (Two to three per person is enough)
  • Loofahs that have seen better days
  • Dried-up nail polish
  • Extra bath products
  • Extra cleaning supplies
  • Half-empty perfume samples
  • Extra travel-sized toiletries
  • Potpourri that’s lost its scent
  • Fancy bar soap you’ll never use
  • The disposable razors you purchased but realized you hated using
  • Extra promotional makeup bags
  • Expired medicine (Make sure to flush excess or dispose at proper location )


  • Books you’ve already readThe stack of magazines you’ll never have time to read
  • Old pillows (They should be replaced every year.)
  • Excessive decorative throw pillows
  • The side chair you throw all your clothes on
  • Broken window blinds
  • Yellowed lampshades
  • Papers you don’t need anymore
  • Old cell phones or tablets
  • Costume jewelry you don’t ever wear
  • That cup/bowl/bucket of loose change (Cash it in!)
  • Candle stubs

Kids Room

  • Dried-out markers and art supplies
  • Broken crayons
  • Broken toys
  • Clothes they’ve grown out of
  • Toys they don’t play with anymore
  • Furniture they’re too big for now
  • Extra artwork

Hall Closet

  • Moth-ruined coats or scarves
  • Broken umbrellas
  • Almost-empty rolls of wrapping paper
  • Broken items
  • Extra blankets you never use
  • Just-in-case gifts you keep on hand but never use
  • That old vacuum that doesn't suck
  • Old holiday decorations you don’t use anymore
  • Plastic bins that just take up space
  • The air bed that sinks when anyone gets on it
  • The ratty old suitcases you never use anymore
  • Dusting cloths that have seen better days


  • Broken, rusted or duplicate tools
  • Sports equipment that no longer gets used
  • Deflated sports balls
  • That old refrigerator that doesn’t work anymore
  • Things you’re saving for a future garage sale that’s never going to happen
  • Old potting soil you no longer need
  • Extra paint for a color that’s no longer in your house
  • Unfinished DIY projects that will never get completed
  • Extra home improvement supplies that you’ll never need
  • The picnic basket you haven’t used in years
  • Boxes for appliances or gadgets you’re saving just in case
  • The folding card table that’s scratched or broken

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