Someone created a drinking game for watching Christmas Movies on Hallmark

The Hallmark Channel has kicked off it's Countdown to Christmas with non-stop Christmas movies. You can watch some of your Christmas favorites like "Christmas in Rome", "Christmas Connection", "A wish for Christmas" "A Christmas Duet" and more. (For the record, I've never personally seem any of these!)

Seeing that we are still dealing with a Pandemic and many people are trapped in their homes and have already watched everything they possibly could, here's something that just might make these rarely seen Holiday soon to be classics more enjoyable...Good Housekeeping's new Hallmark Christmas Movies Drinking Game 2020!

Here are the rules:

Take a Drink When …

  • Two attractive people bump into each other.
  • Someone mentions how much they hate Christmas.
  • Someone complains about the “big city.”
  • You see a Balsam Hill Christmas tree.
  • The town goes caroling.
  • They make Christmas cookies.
  • Two characters almost kiss.
  • A character has a tight deadline.

Finish Your Drink When …

  • A character rediscovers the magic of Christmas.
  • There’s a misunderstanding between the main characters.

Take a Shot When …

  • The main characters fall in love.
  • It starts snowing when the main characters kiss

Now to be fair, this is not a new idea for 2020. Country Living magazine published a story back in 2016 about a reader named Brittany Graves from Fort Worth, Texas who created her own Hallmark Christmas Drinking game. Brittany's version is a bit different:

Take a Drink When …

  • Reference to a dead relative
  • Main Character's name is related to Christmas
  • Anytime someone disses fake Christmas trees
  • Newcomer partakes in an old family tradition
  • Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider or egg nor appears
  • Near Miss Kiss (2 drinks)
  • Obvious product advertisement (2 drinks)
  • Snowball fight or ice skating (2 drinks)
  • Ugly sweater or tie
  • Big city person moves to the small town
  • Christmas Caroling, Tree Farm or Baking Cookies
  • Mistletoe
  • Magic deal with Santa or an Angel
  • Anytime you hear Jingle Bells
  • Get snowed in (2 drinks)

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