Churches ring bells in remembrance of Covid-19 deaths

As of this writing, over 200,000 deaths in the United States have been attributed to Covid-19. Sunday, October 4, 2020 a National Covid-19 remembrance took place in Washington, D.C.. Hundreds of empty chairs representing the lives lost due to COVID-19, were placed at The Ellipse, the park outside of the south side of the White House.

The First Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia, along with dozens of other churches and members of different religions came together to remember the coronavirus victims in a hand bell ringing ceremony. At Noon, participants began to toll their bells for a total of 200 times. Each ring represented 1,000 of those who have lost their lives this year.

Similar ceremonies have taken place in cities like Charlotte and Philadelphia already and the Washington Cathedral bell tolled 200 times on September 20,2020.