Country Star Stokes Nielson Survives Covid-19 - Helps Save Others.

Stokes Nielson has been in my music life for over a decade. I first met him on his radio tour with The Lost Trailers. We are both Georgia natives and we both love country music! I saw Stokes on March 9. He was healthy, happy and talking about his upcoming vacation to Puerto Rico. Within 5 days he was diagnosed with Covid-19.

His battle was scary. With it being so early on in the pandemic, there weren't many ventilators or beds available. He battled it out at home and recently shared his story with me via Instagram live. He encourages people to take COVID-19 seriously because he was in excellent health and a runner with no underlying health issues.

He has two key tips for anyone who is diagnosed:

  • don't freak out - stress can make it worse
  • take time off and truly rest

Stokes has started an international outreach to COVID-19 survivors called +2 Project.Com that works to get as many survivors of the virus to donate their plasma to help severely ill COVID-19 patients.

He recently became the first COVID-19 cleared survivor in Middle Tennessee to donate plasma to critical care patients fighting the coronavirus.

To donate plasma, email at or call 1-833-stokesv

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