Eric Church gives us hope in new video message

Eric Church has always been one of my favorite people. He is so much more than a singer-songwriter-performer. He is a man of great wisdom. He is a man who can impart peace and hope with his calming voice, sweet smile and no non-sense lyrics. Even though you rarely see his eyes, you just know he is sincere and real.

He shared a video of hope for all of us in these times of uncertainty with words that should become our battle cry!

"Where there once were roars, there are now just echos.The handshakes and the hugs of yore are now too dangerous." He says in a video with scenes of empty stadiums rolling by.

" But I don’t believe in fear. I don’t believe in panic. I don’t believe in all its complexity this damn virus has any idea what it's up against.” 

“The American resolve, steel by the world, steady by faith, calm by song, healed by prayer. Oh, I believe. Damn right, I believe. I believe these halls will roar again. These stadiums will be deafening in the answer to this enemy. The silence of now will cower at the noise of sync. When the question of who will answer this call asks, thousands will raise their fist and say ‘I will, we will.’ Then we damn sure will.”  

He ends with "I can not wait to see you again."

Thank you Chief, for always saying what I wish I could and I will be on the front row when you are back on that stage!

Angie Ward

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