Calculator shows how much you need for 14 day Quarantine!

Worried about running out of food and products if you are ordered to stay at home? A scientist in Poland created an online calculator to help! It's called the Omin Calculator. It tells you exactly how much food your household needs to last a 14-day quarantine. You plug in the number of people in your household it will compute how much produce, dairy, bread and canned goods you should have on hand.

It also offers helpful tips like:

  1. Create a shopping list to make sure that you will get only the necessary products.
  2. Don't buy everything you see– just because something is in stock, doesn't mean you need it!
  3. Don't follow and copy other people– just because others buy something doesn't mean that you need it too!
  4. Be careful when purchasing perishable foods– check all the use-by dates and analyze if you will be able to consume everything. If your food goes off, you won't be able to eat it anyway!
  5. Choose products with a long use-by date that will keep your body nourished.Wholemeal pasta, brown rice, UHT milk, seeds, grains, and legumes are good ideas.
  6. Don't stock up on unhealthy snacks and sweets– you will eat all of them really quickly if you stay at home!
  7. Choose products that you will use up later, even if it turns out that your food supplies were not necessary. Don't buy products that you don't like or are allergic to just because they have a long use-by date and are available in the store.


My family of 4 needs 11.8 pound of APPLES! How did it know that is Emery's favorite fruit?!

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