Alan Jackson flustered singing his sweet Valentine to his wife

Atlanta's State Farm Arena was packed to the rafters for the return of Georgia native Alan Jackson in concert on Valentine's day 2020. He cranked out hit after hit, starting with "Gone Country". Midway through the show he and his band, the Strayhorns took to stools for an acoustic set.

Alan explained that he and his wife Denise just celebrated their 40th anniversary and every year for Valentine's day he would get her a sweet card and leave it with her coffee in the morning....except for this year. He had forgotten it was Valentine's day.

She however had remembered and had left him a card. He said he hurried to his office, grabbed a black marker and paper and drew a heart and wrote "I Love You!" and gave it to her.

After he told the story, he said he wanted to dedicated his song "I'd Love You All Over Again" to her a song he wrote for their 10th Anniversary. But he got flustered in the beginning and said "I'm sorry! I was thinking about her!"

The crowd also lit the arena when he sang his patriotic "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning"

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