Paralzyed Former College Baseball Player Dances at His Wedding

10 years ago former University of Georgia baseball player Chance Veazey was paralyzed from the waist down in a motor scooter crash

This past Saturday he got married in his home town of Tifton,Georgia to his college sweetheart.

While the wedding was magical – it was the reception that stole the show when Chance, surprised his family and friends in attendance by standing and dancing with his wife Molly with the help of his friends. The couple danced to Celine Deon’s “Because You Loved Me.”

Chance’s aunt, Maria Cottle, shared the video on YouTube and Facebook as well as their story.

She wrote:

"Chance is a former University of Georgia baseball player. He was injured his freshmen year in college and has been wheelchair bound since that time. He was dating Molly at the time of his injury. She was his rock during his recovery. They broke up a while later and rekindled their relationship after a six year separation. They gave their love a #SecondChance and were married this past weekend. Chance and Molly surprised everyone when a few of Chance’s best friends helped him stand for the first dance with his new bride. Molly and Chance shared the special moment with his mom, Darby Veazey. It was a very emotional moment for everyone! I would love for everyone to see the special love that they share! ♥️♥️♥️"

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