DIY New Year's Eve Roaring 20's Costumes

It's the end of a decade and there are "Roaring 20's" Parties everywhere! If you are like me, these Holiday's flew by way too fast and here we are, final day of the decade and nothing to wear to that Roaring 20's Party you really want to go to!

Here are a few ideas!

Ladies, all you need is a little black dress, black heels, a black headband, a black feather, some black gloves, long sting of fake pearls and dangling costume jewelry earrings. Add a black feather boa for good measure! Here are some great examples from PINTREST.

Check out this video for tips on how to do your makeup......

Guys, break out that dark suit you only wear to job interviews and funerals, wear a white shirt, black tie and throw on a dark hat and you are good to go! Or....You can check out this video for a more dressed down 20's male look.

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