Luke Combs' Fiancée Will Not Be Mocked For Dating 'Bigger Guy'!!

Nicole Hocking doesn't have time for body shaming Twitter Trolls.

The fiancée of Luke Combs posted a pic of them together on Twitter with the caption, “Hey, you're hot” which is pretty easy to understand...but not for some

Trolls attacked the tweet suggesting that she is out for his fame and fortune, and took pot shots at Luke about his weight.

Nicole would have none of that, tweeting: “To everyone currently being less than pleasant to me on Twitter for dating a bigger guy”...“these hands”. A reference to a wrestling smackdown.

Then added: “Also grow up. it’s 2019. the double standard for this is absolutely disgusting.”

Not surprisingly fans rushed to her defense posting and tweeting support for her genuine love and relationship with Luke! The couple's wedding pis coming but no date has been announced.

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