The "Madden Curse" is real and has happened AGAIN!

This is NUTS! For years, some of the NFL's top players have suffered career hardships after the have graced the cover of Madden NFL - the iconic football video game.

Garrison Hearst was the first back in 1998 when shortly after the Madden NFL 99 came out with his picture on the cover, he broke his ankle. Tennessee Titans RB Eddie George lost a career-high number of fumbles and never averaged more than 3.4 yards per carry for the rest of his career after being on the cover in '01. In '05, Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick fractured his fibula less than a week after his photo was released on Madden and he was sidelined for all but five games (plus ended up in jail later.) 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers SS Troy Polamalu missed a career-high 11 games and suffered a MCL injury. Even the great Tom Brady was kind of cursed. He was on the 2018 cover - the year he could have won his sixth Superbowl ring, but the Eagles shut them down.

In 2019, The curse has struck again! Former Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown, now a Raider, is on the cover of Madden '20. He hasn’t been able to practice because of FROSTBITE on his feet! He messed up his feet when he went into one of those cryotherapy chambers and probably won't start week one of the season. Even more ironic....there a little logo for a piece of software used in the game also on the cover with his picture -- The software is called Frostbite. Now that is creepy!