Watch Luke Combs Get Inducted Into Grand Ole Opry

Luke Combs was inducted to the Grand Ole Opry last night!

Even though the majority of the Country Music world didn't know about him until 3 years ago, I have been a Luke Combs fan for almost a decade. I watched him play college parties and smokey bars in North Carolina for years.

In fact, my intern at the radio station had gone to school with him at Appalachian State University in Boone. 7 years ago she brought me his demo. I remember popping it into my car CD player and the first verse he sang gave me chills.

Years later he release the video for a song called "Hurricane". He didn't have a deal with a record company yet, but I sent it to my boss and said "I really think this is a song and and artist our listeners will love!"

Lucky for me they did!

Thanks Luke for making me look really smart and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

PS: I still have that demo by the way and it's gong in the vault!

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