Texas Longhorn Player surprise everyone during visit to children's hospital

The Texas longhorns are set to meet the Georgia Bulldogs Jan 1 in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

During a visit to the local hospital, Texas Senior TE Andrew Beck made one patient family's day by speaking to them in a way no other players had ... he signed!

Beck was tipped off by nurses that the family he was about to meet was hearing impaired so he entered the room by signing "Hi, How are you?". (If you read the comments on the tweet, several folks have interpreted the conversation)

A lot of people are asking why Beck knew sign language.

The senior took a couple of semesters of an American Sign Language class at Texas. He even served as a teacher’s assistant for professor Deborah White. This is not the first time Beck has used his knowledge of sign language in public. He once had a postseason pep talk for the football team at Austin’s Texas School for the Deaf. 

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