This New Dating App Is Perfect For Single Best Friends

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Have you heard of Fourplay? As in the number 4 because 4 people are involved…

It’s a double date app! Which I think is GENIUS.

These two friends got the idea a few years ago when they created a joint account on one of the regular dating apps. They wrote: “Swipe right if you and your awesome friend want to double date me and my awesome friend,”

But after realizing this idea was such a good one, they created this app, Fourplay, to open that experience up to OTHER single friends and it’s taking off! Your profile is set up with another single friend of yours, all chats are done as a group and then you finally all go on your double date.

So if I were single, I would make an account with another single girlfriend, and we would decide which profiles of two single guys we wanted to match with and (hopefully) ultimately go on a date with.

It sounds interesting… but I have so many questions!

  • If we were single, would we want to use this app? Like, do you think it would be WEIRD to be going through these profiles with your friend??
  • How do you decide who dates who? What if you and your best friend both think the same guy is attractive... and not his friend who he shares the profile with?
  • What if you’re more attracted to the dude that wants to date your friend?

The options for how this could go wrong are... vast. But I also think it would take a LOT of pressure off a first date - especially when you've never met them.

Fourplay is currently limited to just 11,000 active users who live within a 50-mile radius of New York City, but there is a waitlist of more than 9,000 people!!!!!

Don’t worry though, it will soon be available to users nationwide and abroad and then we can get our single friends to try it out!

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Photo: Getty Images

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