There Might Be A Shortage On Back-To-School Supplies!

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Back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming sometimes, but this year it's expected to be worse. Parents may be used to finding shortages on items like sneakers, backpacks and gadgets when waiting until the last minute to shop, but products are expected to be in tight supply even earlier. This means that shoppers might find themselves choosing backpacks and lunch boxes for their children that they probably would never choose. This is due to tight inventory and delayed shipments that are impacting retailers' ability to replenish products on shelves. According to retail analyst and managing director at GlobalRetail Data, Neil Saunders,

"What we will likely see is more limited choice and lower stock levels towards the end of the back to school period. Some consumers will inevitably miss out on the things they want to purchase."

He said the categories in most danger of shortages include backpacks, stationery, sports equipment, laptops and tablets. The shortages also means that there won't be as many discounts this year.

Have you had trouble finding back-to-school supplies for your kids?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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