Disney Is Selling A Panko Crusted Pickle Corn Dog With Peanut Butter!

Disney is known for coming up with some creative food items and their newest food item has become controversial among fans. The Blue Ribbon Corn Dog Cart located in Downtown Disney is famous for their fresh dipped corn dogs and they just added a Panko Crusted Pickle Corn Dog to the menu. It's basically a hot dog inside of a pickle, which is then coated in Panko crust batter. The sour taste of the pickle is a contrast to the batter, but besides the pickle the part that's really throwing people off is that it comes with a side of peanut butter. Those that have tried say that the pickle flavor is definitely dominant so this is perfect for the fellow pickle lover in your life. You can try this unusual corn dog right now for $13.

Do you plan on trying this?

Photo Credit: Disney Hype Beast / @disney_hype_beast_80