Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks About A Super Drunk Night With Betty White!

When Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White starred in the 2011 Hallmark film “The Lost Valentine,” the two became fast friends and that includes going out and partying. Jennifer was on The Drew Barrymore Show recently, where she revealed that the only time she was super drunk was with Betty White. She said,

“One of the only times that I’ve been, like, super drunk was with Betty in public and she veered off into a bush and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I am going to kill the national treasure Betty White." Then she loves to end her nights with you by eating gummy bears. She’s everything you want her to be and more. She’s the best and I just love her to pieces.”

Before Jennifer told this story about her wild night out, she did mention some of Betty's favorites.

“Pizza and vodka are her favorites. She also loves hot dogs and she cheats at Scrabble horribly, but she’s Betty White so you just let her win.”

Betty White just turned 99 last month and while she wanted to run a couple miles for her birthday before COVID happened, she is remaining safe in her home doing different activities.

You can see Jennifer Love Hewitt's interview on The Drew Barrymore Show below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images