What Lie Did Your Sibling Convince You Was True?

What lie did your sibling convince you was true!?

Here are some of the stories we got on the text line Friday on Valentine In The Morning!

805: Growing up my dad told us it was illegal to drive with the inside light on. I thought it was true until my husband told me it was not. He looked at me like I was crazy!!I went almost my whole life believing this!!

714: I'm the youngest of 6. My 2 oldest sisters were the ones that were believed to be the responsible ones so it was usually the second oldest (who is my oldest brother to me), and then sister and brother just above me in age that always hung out and did stuff. One night when I was about 5 or 6, we were up til midnight playing cards. My oldest brother, Aaron made me think he took a coin and put it in one ear and it took it out another. I believed him for themost part but wasn''t 100% convinced so I took a piece of coloring paper and wadded it up, set it just on the edge of one of my ears. My mom woke up andfound out we were all awake and sent us to the basement steps as punishment. I had forgotten about the piece of paper and when my mom grabbed me to pickme up off the floor where we were playing cards, the paper fell into my ear. I ended up having to get these long needle nose tweezers go into my ear to get it out and not all of it came out. They could only get majority of it.

562: Older Brother told me the bogey man would come out at night and get me when I walked down the hallway to my bedroom.

951: My sister made me believe she was a bird. I believed until I was 11.

323: My brother told me if you put the car gear on 2 or 1 the car would fly, I believed this for longer than I should have.

310: We told my sister she was taken from another family and she wasn''t a part of our family and every time we heard sirens we would tell her that they foundout that we took her and they were coming to get her she would run inside and hide.

951: My older brother told me that salt was spider eggs and I was going to have thousands of spiders hatch in my belly after I ate salt.

951: When I was in the 2nd grade, my brother stabbed me in the face with a newly sharpened pencil and the piece broke off in my skin and couldn''t get it all out. My mom convinced me that i was going to die from lead poisoning. When I went to school the next day I was crying and upset and my teacher sent me tothe school nurse. I told her what was going on and she assured me that pencils were now made from graphite and that I would be just fine.

323: My older cousin told me that coconuts were made of monkey brains cuz he wanted all the almond joy for himself.

614: My brother convinced me my family on my dads side came over on the mayflower. I repeated this story many times as I thought how cool that my ancestry came over on the Mayflower. Didn''t find out til years later after ancestry.com came along and was searching for evidence of this that is wasn''t true. He admitted later it was totally made up.

818: My sister use to tell me Roley poleies (the bugs that roll up) were M&Ms and make me eat them.

509: My sister convinced me that the bumps on the road for weather were actually so blind people could drive. I believed this until I was 15 and asked my drivers ed teacher.

765: We convinced my little brother the ice cream truck was just a music truck. We were never allowed to buy ice cream from it and we didn't him to get ice cream when we couldn't. He always got excited about the music truck and thought they were so nice doing that.

818: My sister convinced me that NASA blow up the moon so we weren't going to have a moon anymore. I was outside that night for hours looking for the moon!

949: My brother would tell me that spiders barked. It was him farting.

818: My older brother made me believe that if you picked up the phone and didn't call a number the cops would come to your house.

661: My older sister convinced me I was afraid of heights so she could have the top bunk.

951: My sister told me she got to see our mom and dad dating and getting married because she would spy through my mom''s belly button.

714: Told my brother that if he placed his face under water that eventually his ears would start breathing for him. Mom was not amused.

805: My older siblings thought me that peas were carrots and carrots were peas. It wasn't until I was about 10 and I was at school i learned the truth.

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