Would You Save More $$$ Renting A Home Or Buying?

Photo: Getty Images/David McNew

There are a lot of people that think purchasing a home is the American Dream. But will it save you money?? Well a new report that come out said that it might be a better choice for your wallet.

ATTOM Data Solutions; 2020 Rental Affordability Report finds that it's better for your wallet to own a 3 bedroom property that to rent in over 53% of the country

Now the size of the market is going to play a big role. Like if you wanted to rent in the suburbs you'll save money, but if you're thinking downtown or midtown....think again. Plus if you're in an area of one million plus areas like LA, Chicago, NYC, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston or Boston, you might want to look into renting to save for sure.

So when it comes time for you to get that place of your own, do you think you'll rent or own?? Guess it just depends on where you want to stay. We'll wait for our Thanksgiving invitation.