This Years Most Popular Gift Is Called The "Wegift"

Photo: Getty Images/Nicolas Balcazar

So we always try and find that perfect gift for someone, weather it's family, friend, loved one. But according to a new survey there are plenty of people who are more worried about themselves when giving gifts to people. Most of may have done this, but didn't know there was a name for it....till now. It's called a "Wegift" and you may already be guilty of this.

  • 74% of Americans have bought a “wegift” for someone over the holidays.

  • A “wegift” is a gift that not only benefits the gift recipient but the gift giver as well.

  • 22% of people admit they plan on getting some benefits from at least one of their holiday gifts this year.

  • The average American actually plans to give four separate “wegifts.”

  • 62% of Americans expecting to give a “wegift” to their partner or spouse, while 46% will give one to their kids and 35% will give one to mom.

But don’t think you are being so sly that the gift receiver doesn’t know what you’re doing.

  • 55% of people say they know they’ve been the recipient of a “wegift.”

  • 35% of those getting a “wegift” say the person who gave them the gift seemed to enjoy the use of it more than they did.

Source:SWNS Digital