Carly Pearce Gives Fans What They Want

Every chance that Carly Pearce gets, she’s writing and recording and finding songs for her next album, and when it comes to what fans can expect, Carly says, “I think this album is just an evolution of what we all know me to be. I’m still the same girl who writes very real songs, who records really real music and finds songs that are a moment in my life that I can really identify with. And I think that you’re just going to hear more of my truth.”

One thing that Carly has always felt from her fans and her peers in country music, is their desire to see her happy and find that special someone, and Carly says, “Right now I’m in this phase of, I found love, and I think that fans and country music, just as a community, wants to hear from me … and I’m just so excited to be able to share this next chapter because I think so much of it is exactly what I think people wanted for me. And that’s really awesome to get to share with the whole world.”

Carly’s latest single, “Closer to You,” is the first release off her new album, and it’s a perfect example of a song that reflects exactly where she’s at in life right now. This weekend Carly will be in Las Vegas for the ACM Awards, where she was nominated for New Female Vocalist, and the night before she’ll be participating in a special event called ACM Decades, with Michael Ray, Jordan Davis, Cole Swindell, Mitchell Tenpenny, Maddie & Tae and many others. If you’ll be in Las Vegas this weekend, check for more details.


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