Gwen And Blake May Or May Not Be Working On A New TV Show

Conflicting news is coming out that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will be filming their own reality TV show!

Hollywoodlife is reporting Blake and Gwen are in talks to do their own reality TV show, which I think we can all agree we would watch! Rumors are that the cameras follow them around with their crazy life and give us an inside look at how they spend their days together with their crazy schedules.

According to the article on the couple is not planning to give up their red chairs on The Voice. But their source did share that the pair are definitely interested in working together on another show!

“Blake and Gwen have so many outside obligations besides their singing careers, but they’d do [another show] because they are very interested in branching out to those other opportunities because it is fun and obviously lucrative,” an insider close to the couple told HL. “They have been pitched on many occasions and asked to do a reality show together, but they don’t have much interest in that, but they are very interested in working on another show together, either on camera, off camera or both.” Well, we’d love to see that!

But don't get too excited just yet. MSN is reporting that this is NOT TRUE. Guess fans will just have to put up with the reality world of "The Voice."

Photo: Getty Images/Ethan Miller


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