Brett Eldredge Ready To Give His Heart Away

It looks like Brett Eldredge is ready for love.

As one of country music's hottest bachelors, Brett is constantly asked why he's still single. Although he has spent the past few years focused on his career, he's finally ready to find that special someone and settle down. So, what exactly is he looking for?

“They’ve gotta have a sense of humor, or at least be able to laugh at my sense of humor. They don’t have to think it’s funny. They can totally poke fun at me for being an idiot sometimes. But I just want somebody that just loves to live for every day, and every day’s a new journey that you can go down, and somebody that will go down that journey with me. I’m always looking for her. I’m always thinking about her, as if she’s already here. But I’m waiting. I’m ready.”

Brett will have plenty of opportunities to spot his potential lady from the stage when he heads out on Luke Bryan's Huntin', Fishin', and Lovin' Every Day tour.


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