Well that is ONE PLUMP POOCH!

Ladies and gents, our DOGS have been packing on the pounds during this Global Pandemic of COVID-19 things... and we're going to need to do something about it!

Research shows our dogs have put on an average of 7.2 pounds during the pandemic. 7.2 pounds!

A survey of 1,500 dog owners found a third believe their pets’ lockdown weight increase is due to them dipping into the treat box more often while home working. A quarter of those surveyed admit they also take their dog on fewer walks, thanks to longer working hours and a lack of routine at home.

How can we help our dogs to shed that weight?

Take 'em on walks.

Cut back what you feed 'em.

Lay off the treats.

Take the dogs to a doggy day care which encourages play.

Play with your pooch more often.

Walk your dogs for a longer duration.

Together, we can do our part to help our pets drop those #PandemicPounds!