#COVID | Toby Knapp's Quarantine Chronicles... Tuesday 1/5


What is today, day six?

Yeah, I think so. Day zero was on 12/30... that's the day I learned I was directly exposed and tested negative. I can leave quarantine after day 10 regardless of my test, I think, assuming I have no at-home exposure going on or symptoms. I'm currently waiting on th results of a test from day four to come back, and, if they're negative, that loosens some stuff when it comes to my quarantine... although social distancing is still a thing, wearing a mask is still a thing, being clean and washing hands... still a thing.

Today, things were a bit interesting. I was insanely tired after the AM show in our iHeartRadio Nation. Normally, I take a nap after we get done with the early AM stuff, and, then, I get back to it for the PM drive shows... but today, the nap went a bit longer than usual... and then, I took ANOTHER power nap.


Well, I'm feeling fine, and a few friends in medicine tell me it's probably just my body catching up on sleep because I'm waking up earlier. Who knows. I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow, but I think I'm okay. No fever. PulseOX levels are good. I feel fine.

Today was a great day... and today, interestingly, my daughter, Kyla, who, because of where she lives, has to go through all of this with me, asked me to make her lunch today. It's been a minute since that's happened. Normally, she'll ask if I can order this or that on a delivery app...

... today we both kinda said, "I'm over delivery for now..."

And so, I made her angel hair pasta. She put her alfredo sauce on it (she doesn't like anyone else to do it because 'we do it wrong') and she had some lunch. I had a Body Armour.

But we crossed a rubicon. We're in quarantine... and we're over meal delivery services...

... who knew?

More tomorrow... Be well, stay healthy... and thanks for being you...