NDA's. Confidentiality clauses. Things we can't discuss. But I'll write...

I've been sitting here thinking about our world...

... a world where we talk about a fly more than we talk about the very real issues our kids face.

Which we face.

Issues. Challenges. Truth... and lies.



You know, there's an old saying about how it's "always darkest before the dawn..."

Thinking about you just now... and thinking about my daughter... I want you to know that dawn... is coming.

Dawn. A new day. The hope of a new beginning.

Don't ever let anyone steal the dawn... from you.

Stay smart, healthy and well. Remember things - like this COVID - are out of your control. Do your very best to take steps to avoid and resist it... and stay well. You will be. You'll be surprised with how WELL you can be... if you live according to the science and don't live in fear.

The other thing I wanted to tell you... is to stay fascinated.

Stay fascinated by things which make you feel. Fascinated by the things which make you wonder. Enthralled by the things which make you check for a text or an email... or to a reply to a message... enamored by the things which make you want to keep swiping.

Life is too short. It's not guaranteed. So swipe. Stay enchanted. Look for what moves you and love what makes you feel...

... it means everything.

@tobyknapp | Instagram || Photo: Mine.