#TobyThoughts | Skipping a year, working ahead, doing what makes you happy

These are interesting times... to be sure.

But, in the interesting, some find inspiration. I've read about people who have lost a ton of weight after an initial depression thanks to this COVID. About people who have left a job only to find a life's work - and passion - in something new revealed as a result of this virus.

And I'm living with a person who decided to skip a year in high school... to jump from being a Junior... to a Senior... in High School.

Back in middle school, our daughter, Kyla, 16, started taking classes which gave her high school credit. This Summer, she took her Junior year of English in about four to six weeks and aced it.

Today - she's a Senior in High School.

I'm impressed. Her passion - and plan - to do what she's doing... is paying off. She's prepared for this. She's been diligently working toward this - quietly - for years. She has her reasons, I am sure, but what I am sure of... is that she's doing it. She's getting it done.

To get to where she's going... she needs to get this done. And she's doing it. And I can't wait to see what she is going to do next!

Her motivation has fired me up. It has me thinking of some of my own life's unfinished business. Passions I pushed aside because I felt I needed to do "the right thing" when it comes to life and work. Will I re-engage and go after the unfinished? We will see...

... but in life, we live so we can inspire. And my own flesh and blood has inspired me with her grit, her passion and her dedication to a dream...

... we were - and are - all dreamers, right?

Let's go make 'em come true.