#HEALTH: Man spends TWO WEEKS in hospital thanks to "OVERSTIMULATION"

A British jazz singer has been in hospital with a painful and life-threatening erection for two weeks after a late-night hook-up went terribly wrong.

Danny Polaris went out one night and ended up back at his place with a nurse whom he allowed to inject an unprescribed erection-enhancing drug into his member before having sex. He didn't think anything could go wrong but soon found out it was the worst decision he's ever made.

The man woke up two days later in excruciating pain with an erection that wouldn't go away and now doctors are talking about the possibility of amputation. Danny was diagnosed with priapism, which, if not treated, can cause permanent damage to his member. The damage may already have been done since he waited nearly two days after the injection to seek medical help. 

Danny admitted he has often been crying with fear and pain and is worried for the long term implications to his health. He is now reportedly making progress. He said he wanted to use the situation to shine a light on the taboo subject of priapisms.

Meanwhile, Danny’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page to pay for his recovery and rehabilitation costs.