VIRAL: At @Walmart: A man. A phone. Bodily situations. On Intercom!

Oh, the shenanigans.

This is why we can't have nice things like phones which also act as intercom pagers in Walmart stores at places all over the country. Invariably, there will be some man who decides to take advantage of the freedoms which come from having a phone nearby like this... so that they can do things which are classless in pursuit of some sort of juvenile humor which sometimes includes acts of bodily ridiculousness which culminates in a video like this... which features this culprit taking the phone and using it to do what some would call "pass gas" over the phone so that the entire store can hear his hijinx. This is the sort of thing which causes some to have a very bad reputation which often leads to stereotyping and whanot. A moment of humor... isn't worth a generation of stereotyping. Walmart - and it's shoppers - are much classier than this.

Thank you.