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I picked Ariana Grande + *NSYNC at Coachella to lead with today because, well, it's *NSYNC. Even without Justin Timberlake, it sends a pretty cool message to the world... that the pop music world of the 90's is alive and kicking! In fact, so much of the music and sound of the 90's - once shunned by the "professional radio people" is now making such a massive comeback!



That's all the research I need. Hope some are taking notes because there's a message being sent by pop culture, that's for sure!

SO... let's get into it...


TMZ first teased that NSYNC would join Ariana Grande at Coachella.

Early in her Sunday night set, Ariana broke into “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored.” Near the end of the song she invited NSYNC on stage. The song samples their “It Makes Me Ill.”

Ariana told the crowd she’d rehearsed a lifetime to sing with NSYNC. Together they performed the 1997 hit “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” This was NSYNC-lite. Only Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez, who carried most of the vocals.

Justin Timberlake couldn’t be bothered to show at Coachella. He was available, too, because he just wrapped his 115-night Man of the Woods Tour.

OH... HAPPY TAX DAY YA'LL! YOU BETTER PRESS 'SEND' BY MIDNIGHT to get those e-File taxes to the IRS!!!!

What would you do to avoid ever having to pay taxes again? According to a WalletHub survey… 36% of respondents would move to a different country if it meant never having to pay taxes again, 24% would get an IRS tattoo, 16% would stop talking for 6 months, 15% would take a vow of celibacy, 11% would name their child “Taxes” and 2% would clean prison toilets for three years if it meant a tax-free future. 

Things people like more than the IRS:

  • Their in-laws – 42%
  • Spiders and snakes – 21%
  • Cold showers – 20%
  • Sitting in traffic – 17%

What we’d rather do than pay our taxes:

  • Jury duty – 50%
  • Miss a connecting flight – 25%
  • Talk to your kids about the birds and the bees – 21%
  • Swim with shark – 13%
  • Spend the night in jail – 11%
  • Drink expired milk – 11%

Our biggest tax day fears:

  • Making a math mistake – 31%
  • Not having enough money – 28%
  • Identity theft -- 24%
  • Getting audited -- 17%

Don’t worry too much about getting audited… According to the Wallet Hub’s tax day facts, there’s only a 0.6% chance you will be audited by the IRS.

This is worth having garlic breath… A new study found that eating garlic could prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. (The Daily Meal)

What part of your appearance do you worry about the most? According to a new survey, for most Americans, it’s their teeth.

Here are our Top 5 Appearance Worries:

  1. Teeth -- 67%
  2. Hair -- 62%
  3. Weight -- 57%
  4. Skin -- 53%
  5. Clothing -- 41% (SWNS)

Goat Yoga is so 2018 …The latest trend in yoga is Lemur Yoga – or, “Lemoga.” The Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa in England is the birthplace of this latest yoga fad, and it’s all thanks to group of lemurs that live in a nearby wildlife park. The class actually takes place in the wildlife park where lemurs like to practice their own form of yoga as a way to warm their bellies in the sunshine. While there you can also hike with alpacas and meet a family of meerkats. Sounds like an Instagrammer's dream! (Travel and Leisure)


Last night was the much-anticipated return of Game of Thrones. It’s probably the only show these days that’s appointment viewing. Lots of people are watching it at the same time.

If you’re single, you might be able to use this to your advantage… by throwing out some Game of Thrones pick-up lines.

  • My little birds tell me that you want to grab drinks later.
  • Whatever you want to do I’ll return the favor, because a Lannister always pays his debts.
  • I may have a Little Finger, but you should see the rest of me.
  • Even if we were related I’d still be into you.
  • Are you the High Sparrow? Because I’d do the walk of shame for you.
  • A man may have no face, but what he does have is a big crush on you. (Zoosk)


A company has created onesie pajamas – with a bean bag attached in the back.

You know … So you can just sit down wherever – and whenever – you like. (Think Geek)


According to a new study, guys with longer beards have smaller family jewels.

Researchers found that guys compensate for their miniature clangers by growing beards in hopes of improving their chances of attracting mates. (Men’s Health)

THE OFFICE: Annoying Habits of Co-Workers!

A Reddit thread asked users about the most annoying habits of their coworkers.

Some of the highlights – or lowlights – included:

  • Biting and spitting fingernails on the floor.
  • Talking out loud to a computer.
  • Giving daily reports and showing thousands of pictures of their kid.
  • Constant pen clicking.

How about you? Do you have a co-worker with a foul, disgusting habit? Have you confronted this co-worker? How awkward was that? Has a co-worker ever annoyed you so much that you walked away from the job?

Message me and let me know! tk@iheartradio.com


#GameOfThrones: Amid much hoopla, it returned for its final season on Sunday night.

Bran: The fourth child and second son of the Starks was the most tweeted about GoT character following Sunday's episode.

BTS: The K-pop group, and their adoring fans, were on Saturday Night Live.

Bucks: Milwaukee crushed the Detroit Pistons, 121-86, in Game 1 of their playoff series on Sunday.

Celtics: Embattled Patriots owner Robert Kraft got a standing ovation during their playoff game in Boston against the Indiana Pacers.

Pete Buttigieg: The Midwestern mayor announced the official start of his presidential campaign on Sunday in South Bend, Indiana.

Facebook down: There were outages on the site and Instagram in the U.S. and Europe on Sunday.

TV TODAY and TONIGHT: Set that DVR you guys...

Monday, April 15th 


  • Jimmy Fallon has singer Cher and the cast of The Cher Show Stephanie J. Block,Teal Wicks and Micaela Diamond
  • Stephen Colbert has Molly Shannon (The Other Two),Gary Cole (Veep), singer Paul Simon,Trevor Noah(The Daily Show)
  • Jimmy Kimmel has Dax Shepard (Bless This Mess), Linda Cardellini (The Curse of La Llorona), music by Weezer
  • James Corden has Max Minghella (The Handmaid's Tale), music by Sean Paul + J Balvin
  • Seth Meyers has Tracy Morgan (The Last O.G.),Willie Geist (Sunday Today), music byIngrid Andress
  • Conan has Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black)
  • Ellen DeGeneres has Bill Hader(Barry)
  • Live With Kelly and Ryan, with guest co-host Andy Cohen, has Ed Helms (Corporate Animals), Ato Essandoh (The Code)
  • Watch What Happens: Live has Vanderpump Rules stars Lala Kent and Ariana Madix
  • The View (repeat) has Aidy Bryant
  • The Talk, with guest co-host Pat Harvey, has Brittany Snow (Someone Great)


  • American Idol The seven contestants with the most votes by America take their spot in the top 10. (ABC)
  • The Fix The DA's office makes everyone take a lie detector test in an effort to find the mole. (ABC)
  • The Neighborhood When a curmudgeonly resident who has few fans in the community passes away, the Butlers step up to host a memorial. (CBS)
  • Man With a Plan Adam gets jealous when Teddy names Andi as his hero for a school essay. (CBS)
  • The Code A Marine is charged with abandoning his post during combat, resulting in the deaths of three soldiers. (CBS)
  • Bull Danny enlists Bull's help for the assault trial of her former FBI mentor, a bounty hunter who kidnapped the wrong mark during his first assignment. (CBS)
  • The Voice The artists take the stage for the chance to advance.
  • The Enemy Within Flashbacks reveal what led Shepherd to betray her country. (NBC)
  • The Resident Devon worries about a mother's unaddressed complaints after she gives birth. (FOX)
  • 9-1-1 A massive power outage knocks down Los Angeles' 9-1-1 system and the call center must go back to old-school methods to respond to emergencies. (FOX)
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow When Mona discovers that her favorite author, Jane Austen, might be at the epicenter of a magical alert, Mona, Sara, Charlie and Zari find themselves in 1809. (CW)
  • Arrow After being accused of murder and having her criminal past exposed, Laurel goes full Black Siren and teams up with an old criminal acquaintance to go on a crime spree around Star City. (CW)

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