#ReadThisFIRST: Hints, allegations, things NOT unsaid. Let us begin!

Woke up quick... at about noon... just thought that I had to be in Compton soon...

Hey! My parents named me Toby. I have a daughter, Kyla, who is 15 and a freshman in High School. We have a three-almost-four-year-old Maltese puppy named Clover and I am thankful you've picked me to be a part of your life right now as you #ReadThisFIRST!

Shoutout to the Postal Service. Those John Lennon stamps are the bomb. You know why I'm posting those here, right? Well, if you do, you know what to do... and how to do it. If not, you must not be paying attention... so go check the Instagram Story, the Facebook Story or Snapchat or Twitter... and do what you have to do... so you'll be in the know... and then, it could happen to you! #LoveToby // tk@iheartradio.com

Let's begin.

First off... HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN??!?!

Now... THE WORLD FAMOUS COPY-AND-PASTE ROUNDUP IS HERE! This is the stuff you'll hear me talk about on an iHeartRadio station near you... at some point in time today and all of this. I typically copy-and-paste it. From the Internet of Things®. I mean, I'm being honest, right? Right. That's word.


So... Today is National Siblings Day: A day to celebrate our brothers and sisters! Shoutout to Todd, Zachary, Zeke, Dawn, Rocco, Erin, Ryan and all the siblings in my life, and in Kyla's life! And shout-out to you and your siblings, too!

More proof that dogs are superior beings… According to new research, dogs can detect cancer with amazing accuracy. Scientists found that because of their heightened sense of smell, dogs were able to identify cancer in blood samples with about 97 percent accuracy. (NY Post)

And more about how great dogs are… You’re not wrong – your dog does “get” you. A report in the journalLearning and Behaviorrevealed that dogs not only know when you are upset but also want to make you feel better. (Mashable)

Prom season is fast approaching, and a bakery in Texas is already gearing up to get it on the action. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Dallas is offering croissant corsages for prom. Yep, for $20 you get a full sized honey butter croissant, surrounded by some mini roses and baby’s breath. Each purchase also comes with a $10 gift card to use for after prom snacks. The bakery got the idea from a 2017 story about a teen who asked his date if she wanted a croissant instead of a corsage -- thanks to an aut-correct fail on text. The girl and all her friends ended up wearing croissants as a joke – and it went viral.Can a girl get away with wearing a croissant corsage if she’s not going to prom? Asking for a friend …(Delish)

What do you consider middle class? According to a new survey, 38% of Millennials earning $100,000 or more a year think they're middle class. (Business Insider)


It wasn’t that long ago that economists were thinking that unemployed men weren’t looking for jobs because they were having too much fun playing video games. That is a real thing that happened.

Well, like a lot of what experts say, it was a bunch of nonsense.

Economists now say that more men between the ages of 25 and 34 are in the workforce than have been since the recession.

In other words, we’re back to normal -- video games or no video games. (MarketWatch)

What Do You Think About Long-Distance Relationships?

A new study found that people will not date anyone who lives too far away from them. There seem to be 19 different regions of the country -- and we all kind of hang out in those regions and won’t date anyone outside of those regions.


Some psychologists have come to the conclusion that running might be bad for you, going so far as to say that some people have a “running problem.”

It’s possible to actually have an addiction to running and to attach your self-worth to running. This is a problem because if you don’t run -- or don’t run well -- you feel worse about yourself. (The Conversation)


The Masters golf tournament starts on Thursday. And, to celebrate, Natty Light will be giving away a year’s supply of beer to one lucky golf fan.

If you want to win, all you need to do is watch the tournament on Sunday. And, any time a golfer birdies a hole, tweet out #BirdieLight and #Sweepstakes -- and you’ll be in the running to win 365 days of Natty. (Golf Digest)

NOW... let's take a BSB BREAK.... The Backstreet Boys were on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night... and this is what it looked like!

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