SPOTTED: Saw this sign on a yard in a neighborhood yesterday... thoughts??!

My dear friend,

I wanted to post this here for you to see. I #Spotted this whilst out and about yesterday, and wanted to get your take on this.

It's clearly a sign asking people NOT to poo or pee a pooch on this guys yard.

The homeowner clearly isn't a fan.

What do you think of this?

At first, I was like, "well this is passive aggressive" but then I remembered that where I live, people OFTEN let pets do their "business" and then, just leave it. I also see how the pet stuff can turn grass... well... a delightful shade of yellow.

What do you think of this? Fire away in the thoughts below... and don't ask me where I saw this by the way... we don't wanna go outing someone's crib now, do we?

Thanks for reading...


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