DATING: TINDER app now VERIFYING the HEIGHT of dudes on the app!


Attention: People who lie about height on Tinder... your time is just about up!

Tinder, seemingly aware that a majority of the male users of the app claiming to be over SIX FEET TALL aren't being honest in their dating profiles, is now launching Tinder's HVB - the HEIGHT VERIFICATION BADGE - which will allow users to verify with a badge that they are as tall as they say they are.

Trumpeting the fact "Only 14.5% of the US male population is actually 6' and beyond," Tinder says they'll fight back against "height fishing" by allowing users to upload a photo showing them standing along side of a commercial building. From that photo, an algorithm, probably based on iOS's ability to measure the length and height of objects on demand now with a device's camera. Once Tinder verifies the height, they'll slap that brand new #HVB on the profile, letting members of the preferred sex for dating know that you are indeed as tall as you say you are.

@tinder press image

"We're bringing truthfulness to online dating," Tinder said in a post outlining their new fight against what they call "height liars."

Look for the new badge to roll out on the app soon.

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