YIKES: The secret ways employees get back at rude customers!


Working in the service industry can be a thankless job, especially when it comes to having to deal with jerks. Most folks just have to grin and bear it, or risk losing their gigs, but others have found sneaky ways to get back at those who treat them badly. 

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has employees revealing the sneaky ways they get back at rude customers, and it may just make you think twice about ever being rude again.

Ways employees get back at rude customers include:

  • “Had particularly handsy customer all night, so I accidentally poured cream in his lap.”
  • “I work at Whole Foods. If customers are rude, I put my hands on he scale to overcharge them for produce.”
  • “I work at a bank and if a member starts being super impatient, tapping their fingers or a pen, I’ll slow way down if I’m in a certain mood.”
  • “There was a man that was really rude and drunk and he demanded a glass of white wine so I poured him water and told him it’s white wine.”
  • “I once put broken security tags in a customer’s bag so it would leak on their new clothes. My boss wasn’t very happy with me.”
  • “Older lady came in the store I work at and let her granddaughter call me ugly and fat. So I told the girl I was her from the future. She proceeded to cry.”
  • “I once told a customer, ‘you should be careful how you treat people. As old as you are, you already got one foot in the grave. Plus I heard hell is pretty hot.”
  • “I’ve ‘forgotten” to apply discounts to rude customers. Be nice people.”
  • “I do decaf and nonfat milk when customers are rude to me. Being a barista teaches you that customers are super mean before having their coffee.”

Source: Daily Mail

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