VALENTINE'S DAY: Now ALEXA can send a Valentine for you!

Alexa really can do anything. Well, almost anything... but she's learning!

Amazon's virtual assistant now, in addition to ordering whatever you ask it to order from the world's largest marketplace, can also send a personalized Valentine to someone you love!


Say: "Alexa... help me send a Valentine's Day Card..."

Now, from Amazon's email earlier this morning... they explain more of what's going on:

"With Skill Blueprints , you can customize Alexa responses and create personalized skills in minutes — no coding required. Choose from over 40 easy-to-use templates and fill in the blanks to create your own personal skills.

With the Valentine's Day Greeting Skill Blueprint, you can create personalized Valentine's Day greetings to share with friends and family with Alexa. Choose from a selection of images or upload your very own, and even add custom audio messages."

We've yet to try it... but we will... because it looks sorta cool!

(Images: Amazon. Used under agreement.)

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