COMING SOON: NETFLIX takes on the #FYRE festival!

NETFLIX is on FYRE ya'll! 

See what I did there? 

Hi. I'm Toby Knapp. Your Friendly Neighborhood iHeartRadio Superhero and there's one thing I love more in this life than our iHeartRadio app... and that's NETFLIX. They care about telling incredible stories, no matter where they come from and no matter who they piss off to tell 'em. Some are rough. Some are heartwarming. All of them... compelling... because that's just what NETFLIX does. 

Remember that FYRE FESTIVAL? So this was supposed to be a massive music festival in the Bahamas... investors rented out an island, lined up amazing artists and EDM acts... and in a social media coup, they lined up more so-called A-list "influencers" to hype the festival on Instagram and Twitter and whatnot... stoking the FOMO fears and making you WANT to be at this event... with mega-expensive luxury accommodations and more. 

The only problem.... was that the festival - and the people behind it - were all a bunch of CON ARTSIT FRAUDS. 

People went. Many of them rich or well-off. Many of them the kids of the famous... and once there, they were trapped on an island of chaos... which made international news. 

Netflix has this festival dead to rights in it's new documentary called FYRE: THE GREATEST PARTY THAT NEVER HAPPENED... and it's going to be insane. Watch the preview above and get ready to take this in on a screen near you soon! 

DISCLOSURE: I did not take money to market the FYRE FESTIVAL, nor was I going to go. Nor did Netflix ask me to write this. I'm just pumped about watching this!

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