Theresa's Weekend Recap 5.10.21

Hope all the fabulous moms had a wonderful Mother's Day! Here's how I spent my weekend ...

My husband and son made my favorite breakfast on Sunday morning :-) This doesn't happen too often so I feel really extra special when it does and boy was it delicious!

The countdown is on to being able to hug my Mom now that we're fully vaccinated! It's been 431 stinking days :-( A big thank you to Kroger for playing a role in this life-changing moment. Among so many other places like Meijer, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, your personal doctor's office, you can call your local Kroger pharmacy to make an appointment for you or your loved ones to get your shot and help the human race in the battle with this virus. By getting vaccinated, we're helping to stop the transmission chain.

The other morning when I looked my window I almost passed out because I thought these were all worms!! LOL Nope, just seeds from our birch trees, doing their thing in hopes to plant other birch trees. Whew!

Oh noooooo! A robin egg fell out of a nest in one of our trees :-( The experts say to just leave it where it is and let nature take it's course. We can't see the actual nest from where it fell so it's possible it was dropped by another bird (a crow or a Blue Jay maybe?) as it was being flown away, stolen from another nest. It makes me sad, but I understand and respect nature. Maybe some other animal will come along and grab it, providing food for their little ones. (sigh)

Here's the card I made for my Mom for Mother's Day :-) I got the idea from something I saw online and modified it to make it my own. I considered writing "I love Ewe" instead of "you" but decided that would be like putting a hat on a hat. LOL