Cause of Your Aches and Pains

During lockdown millions of us were suddenly forced to work from home for long hours every day for months at a time: smiling through endless Zoom meetings at the kitchen table, perching on the sofa to write reports — or sitting on a hard chair in a spare bedroom.

These unfamiliar work stations inevitably put a strain on the body, and according to a recent survey by the Institute of Employment Studies, there was a “significant increase in musculoskeletal complaints” in lockdown. More than half of those surveyed reported new aches and pains: 58 percent in the neck, 56 percent in the shoulder, and 55 percent in the back.

**FYI: Relieve the pain by reducing the amount of time you spend leaning forwards over a laptop to a maximum of 15 minutes and raise your laptop on a pile of books so you don't have to look down.

photo credit: Getty Images

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