Pssst ... Here's The Codes

There is so much to watch on Netflix that sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to watch on Netflix! Thankfully, Netflix has a list of hidden codes that allow you to personalize your viewing experience, making it easier to find something you want.

Netflix's content is organized by a unique number that can be copied and pasted in after the web address: number here)

Here are some of the most popular secret codes:

Action & Adventure: 1365

Action Comedies: 43040

Children & Family Movies: 783

Comedies: 6548

Crime TV Shows: 6146

Dramas: 5763

Disney: 67673

Emotional Movies: 4136

Mysteries: 9994

Romantic Favorites: 502675

Sci-Fi Adventure: 6926

Tearjerkers: 6384

TV Action & Adventure: 10673

TV Comedies: 10375

TV Dramas: 11714

TV Mysteries: 4366

TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1372

photo credit: Getty Images

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