Was It Hard To Teach Your Children These Things?


Tying shoelaces, whistling and using cutlery are the hardest things to teach young children – according to a poll of parents by PACEY, the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years. Here’s what they found to be the most difficult to teach:

1. Tying shoelaces

2. Whistling

3. Eating with cutlery

4. Riding a bike

5. How to tell the time

6. Buttoning a button

7. How to swim

8. Brushing their teeth

9. Trying different foods

10. Writing their name

11. Putting toys away

12. How to blow your nose

13. Tying up hair

14. Getting dressed

15. Washing hair

16. Making a bed

17. Putting dirty clothes in a laundry basket

18. Learning parents'/home phone number

19. Coloring inside the lines

20. Learning to tell your left from right

photo credit: Getty Images

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