The NextUp Initiative


Is it better to apply as an individual or as a team?

Either is fine. If you’re applying as a team, please let us know the name and role of all applying.

How old do I need to be to apply?

Applicants must be 18 years old to apply.

How much time will it take to complete the program?

The program is 5 months long. There will be a two-week orientation, but schedules will be flexible. We encourage applicants of all facets to apply. Don’t be discouraged if you are a working parent, taking care of elderly family members, and/or an individual working full time, etc.

Do I need any experience to apply?

You do not need experience to apply to NextUP. The best applicants are passionate about all aspects of podcasting from hosting to research, to editing, to promotion.

What happens when it’s over?

When the 5 months are up, you will have minimum three episodes and a pitch. If your show is picked up, you will join the iHeart Podcast slate.

Will iHeart own my podcast?

iHeart will have the right of first refusal for your podcast pitch. If they pass on picking your show up to air, you are free to pitch it somewhere else, or launch it yourself