This Study Claims Non-Stick Frying Pans are Making You Smaller "Down There"

If you're a master in the kitchen then you might want to start avoiding noon-stick frying pans if you want to keep up your performance in the bedroom! Fry pans might be having a negative effect on your sausage.

A new study found that a chemical that can be found on nonstick pans and fast-food wrappers may impact on "endowment" down there.

The research found that those who had been exposed to PFCs had smaller members and lower "swimmer count" compared to those who didn't use that type of frying pan.

Exposed men were also one-fifth of an inch less girthy than those who weren't exposed.

So for the time being just stay away from non-stick frying pans and use butter on everything!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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