At Least Half of People Still Communicate with Their Ex

We know, we know.

This is NOT the kind of study you want to come out as we get into the major holiday season in 2018. Before you take this to your SO, just promise that you won't quote us as being the souce? That's all we ask of you :) 

According to a new survey, half of men and almost three out of five women still communicate with at least one of their exes.

And here are the top five reasons why . . .

1.  We have mutual friends, 35%.

2.  We have children together, 25%.

3.  I'm still friendly with their family, 20%.

4.  To keep having sex, 16%.

5.  I'm not over my feelings for them, 14%.

The survey also found that about 7% of people say their relationships end on good terms every time . . . and 14% say their relationships end on bad terms every time. 



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