The Seven Best Knockoff Halloween Costumes For 2018

If you've gone into a costume shop this year, you've seen the knockoff Halloween costumes that are BARELY hiding what they're ripping off.

Well . . . people have been sharing the best ones they've seen on Twitter.  And here are seven of our favorites . . .

1.  "Notionless" . . . a costume based on Cher from "Clueless".


2.  "Hermany Grinder, the Top Student at Chogborts" . . . a costume based on Hermione Granger from "Harry Potter", who was the top student at Hogwarts.


3.  "Cyber Man or Padre" . . . a costume based on Neo from "The Matrix" that can also be a priest costume if you pop a piece of white paper under the collar.


4.  "Juice Demon" . . . a costume based on "Beetlejuice".


5.  "Hungry Rebel Girl" . . . a costume based on Katniss from "Hunger Games".


6.  "Where's the Stripey Dude" . . . a "Where's Waldo?" costume.


7.  "Pubescent Frog of Silent War" . . . a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" ripoff. 



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