Marriage Proposal Featuring a Lamborghini and Rejection

There's a chance this failed marriage proposal is a publicity stunt . . . but if it's not, then it's rejection on a monumental level.  It happened in a crowded downtown plaza in China, and most of the dialogue is written out in translation.

It starts with a guy on one knee holding a bouquet of flowers as some canisters of confetti go off in the background.  And then he points to a brand new Lamborghini that he bought for her.  No dice, though.  She says, "I'm sorry, I don't want to.  I'm so sorry." 

Even one of his friends can't believe what he just heard and he reminds her that the guy bought her a new sports car.  And then the prospective groom starts begging and says, "I have money." 

Obviously, that's not going to change her mind, but he keeps trying until she eventually says, "So what if you have money?"  And then she leaves with a friend.


That's when the guy shifts into tantrum mode.  He whips the flowers at one of the people shooting video and then kicks over the confetti canisters.


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