Postal Worker Stole Over $600,000 in Stamps to Fund His Gambling Habit

A customer service manager at a post office in New Orleans was just busted for stealing over half-a-million dollars worth of STAMPS . . . then selling them online, and using the money to fund his gambling habit.  His name is Ryan Cortez.  

Over the course of six or seven years, he stole a total of $630,000 worth of stamps and sold them on Ebay.  If we're talking about normal "Forever" stamps, that means he stole over 1.2 MILLION of them.

PayPal and Ebay notified the government after they noticed he'd been selling "significant quantities" of stamps.  So they investigated.

And even though his salary was $70,000 a year, they found out he'd lost more than $650,000 at a casino since 2011, including about $220,000 last year alone.

He's facing up to 10 years in jail for embezzlement, and it's one of the largest thefts by a postal worker in U.S. history. 



(USA Today)

(Getty Images)

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