Top Ten Things We Do to 'Feel' Like We're Being Healthy

Do you ever have fast food three days in a row, then do something super-healthy to compensate?  Either because you feel like crap, or you just feel guilty?

According to a new survey, here are the ten most common things we do to make ourselves FEEL healthy . . .

1.  Eat some extra fruits and vegetables.

2.  Try to eat less sugar.

3.  BUY more fruits and vegetables . . . but not necessarily eat them.

4.  Take the stairs instead of an elevator.

5.  Carry around a reusable water bottle, so you'll drink more water.

6.  Start planning out your meals beforehand.

7.  Have a smoothie.

8.  Drink tea.

9.  Turn off your phone before bed, so you'll sleep better.

10.  Have a bowl of frozen fruit instead of ice cream.  

The survey also found the average person doesn't really start taking their health seriously until age 41.  And there's usually a reason, like a health scare. 



(NY Post)

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