These are the Complimentary Hotel Perks You Should Probably Avoid

One of the best things about going to a hotel is taking home all the free travel-sized objects in your room home, but apparently all the travel-sized shampoos you've been stocking up on aren't as great as you think.

Below are some of the complimentary hotel perks people think are great deals, but in actuality aren't as great as you think they are:

  1. Phone Chargers - Most chargers are off-brand and don't actually work with your phone.
  2. Hotel Shampoos/Creams - You can't really tell what the ingredients inside the bottle are. Maybe avoid if you have allergies.
  3. Hotel Pillows - Hotel pillows often times aren't as clean as they appear to be. Also avoid scented pillows!
  4. Free Snacks - If offered free snacks make sure you're getting everything because some hotels like to skip out on some "snackage."
  5. Anything from the Mini-Bar - Most of this stuff isn't complimentary and is overpriced so probably avoid these.
  6. Hotel Computers - Hotel computers don't get cleaned usually and the hotel might be tracking your activity.
  7. Shower Caps - Shower caps are usually cheap and aren't as new as they are made out to be!
  8. Swimming Pools - Most are over-chlorinated to mask mildew and pee. Let that set in.
  9. Ice Machines & Buckets - Make sure to use the bag they give you because some people puke in the buckets.
  10. Hotel Gym - Most gyms have broken equipment and are often unsanitary.
  11. Hotel Soaps - Most soaps are too fragranced and can cause damage to guests' skin. Maybe avoid the soaps if you need to clean off.

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