The 8 Worst Fashion Mistakes Everyone Makes When Traveling

We'll be the first ones to admit that when we're traveling we don't always wear our best outfits because sometimes you just want to chill out on a plane.

It turns out that a recent survey was conducted by Smarter Travel and they found the most common fashion faux-pas people do when they are traveling: 

  • Under-Dressing - Don't be wearing at tank top to every meal. Maybe a pack a polo or sundress?
  • Wearing Horrible Shoes - Leave your shoes with a ton of holes at home! Wear something comfy, but appropriate in public.
  • Flip-Flops - We understand getting through TSA quickly, but we don't want your bare feet on the back of our heads!
  • Shorts on a Plane - How are you not freezing on a plane? Also just a heads up that some airlines may tell you to cover up if they are too short.
  • Wearing Revealing Clothing - Keep that stuff in your bag until you are ready to hit up the town!
  • Obnoxious T-Shirts - Leave the designer logos and sports team shirts at home because you don't want to get in a fight waiting in line for the plane.
  • Over-Activewear - Sometimes leggings leave your more exposed to things people leave on seats. Maybe wear pants you don't care about instead.
  • Backpacks - They're huge and bulky and can block people from getting somewhere. Pack travel-sized!!

(Smarter Travel)

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