Things You Do When You Love Your Pet More Than Your Friends!

We all have that friend that made an Instagram for their pet – maybe even multiple friends. Maybe you ARE that friend. Look, we’re obsessed with our pets, and sometimes, it’s clearly even more than we love our friends. Here are some things that happen when you love your pets more than your friends:

  • You don’t mind their clutter being all over your apartment.
  • You always go the extra mile for birthdays and holidays.
  • You always look at them or talk about them.
  • You always read the labels on their food bags.
  • You let them take up as much of the bed as they want.
  • You’re always down to cuddle with them.
  • You go the extra mile for the perfect Instagram.

I mean, really… when was the last time you did any of these things for your friends?? You probably pose your pet for hours trying to get the perfect Instagram, but the second one of your girls wants that perfect beach ‘gram, you’re suddenly out of patience. And the dog birthday parties? Forget it. You love your pet more than your friends!


Source: Bustle

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